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ACRE's clientele ranges from single-location business operators to international REITS. Regardless of the size of their company,  what they all have in common is receiving the personalized, detailed attention to their business from our team. Our represented tenants and landlords agree- the results ACRE brings speak for themselves.


"Today's residential development often centers around walkable mixed-use town center projects. As seasoned multi-family developers, the retail and office components of mixed-use require some skill sets outside of our core competency, and often take valuable time away from what we do best. We have worked with Willow and the ACRE crew in helping us understand the intricacies of retail including coordinating our budget and pro forma processes with the uses of our community residents and the municipality need and desire. Willow's tenacity allowed us to lease 100% of our retail space prior to delivery of our residential component and we highly recommend her organization."

— Doug McReynolds, PAC Land Development Corporation

on ACRE's leasing success in Oviedo On The Park's Phase One Development

"Jeremiah's Italian Ice has had the pleasure of working with the ACRE team over the past few years and we continue to be impressed with their fervent commitment to identifying prime sites that fit our needs. They genuinely listen to their clients' development goals and fashion site allocation strategies that yield outstanding results. We look forward to our continued relationship with this powerhouse team."

—Jeremy Litwack, Owner of Jeremiah's Italian ice

"We had the pleasure of working with ACRE Commercial and the level of service we received left a lasting impression! What really sets ACRE apart is their constant communication, follow-up and their ability to negotiate on behalf of their clients. Acre is our go to for all things commercial and their will and ability to do what is best for their clients is unmatched in this industry!"

— Stephanie Rosh, Grain & Berry Franchisee

"...Derek Waltchack is a partner at our company and I was bragging about the work Brooke did to get the recent lease to the finish line; great work on getting us 100% leased on the ground floor!!"

— Matt Harris, Shannon Waltchack

on ACRE's leasing success in Tampa's Brandon Lakes Plaza

 “You have been absolutely a fantastic help, and surely have assisted us outside of the scope of your job duties. I could not have answered almost all of the questions without you and you have patiently taught me so much.”

- Kelly, Phenix Salon Suites franchisee on Willow's tenant representation

— Leasing prospect on Jamie's landlord representation

"By the way, I just want to say I appreciate your consistency and following up with me.
Let me tell you, I have been looking for a space for the past year. No one has taken the time to follow up and try to help. You’re just awesome"

This is how all tenants should be represented and mostly are not. Your efforts and professionalism shine through!

— Leasing Associate from Woolbright Development Inc. on Jamie's tenant representation

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